DPF Cleaning

Diesel particulate filters are designed to trap diesel particulate matter and soot, keeping them out of diesel exhaust and out of our air and environment. Over time DPFs fill up, and need to be cleaned. As the filters become clogged, their performance deteriorates. It’s a lot like the filter on a vacuum cleaner — it … Read more

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

DEF is a commonly used acronym, it stands for Diesel exhaust fluid. “Exhaust Fluid” sounds like a made-up term, like “Blinker fluid”, but it’s actually an essential fluid in most modern diesel engines. DEF is a liquid used in diesel engines and vehicles equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems.  SCR systems are intended to … Read more

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)?

A DPF filter is an inline filter which helps trap and collect diesel particulate matter, which is a form of pollution and emission from diesel engines. What Do Diesel Particulate Filters Do Diesel particulate filters help capture diesel particulate emissions before they are emitted into the atmosphere. The pollutants are collected in a sophisticated filter … Read more