DPF Delete Shops: What Diesel Owners Should Know

We get many calls from customers looking for a “DPF Delete Shop”.

In other words, people want to remove their DPF, and want someone to do it for them. This is commonly known as a “DPF Delete”.

We do not perform this illegal service, or suggest DPF deletes for any of our customers, or fleet managers.

Here is some information that diesel truck owners should know before removing a DPF.

What is a DPF?

A DPF is a component in a diesel exhaust system. The purpose of a DPF is to remove diesel exhaust soot, harmful gasses and particulate matter from the diesel exhaust. 

DPFs are required by law, and are used on all late-model diesel engines and vehicles. 

DPFs are controversial among diesel owners for a number of reasons, and many folks wish that they weren’t required. But, they are required by law. 

DPFs serve important functions for a vehicle’s mechanical function, help protect human health and the environment. 

We all breathe the same air, and most people don’t want their kids or families breathing carcinogenic diesel exhaust.

What is a DPF Delete?

A DPF Delete is a modification to a diesel vehicle’s exhaust system. 

It involves the removal of a diesel particulate filter, or a DPF, from the diesel vehicle’s exhaust system, and sometimes the alteration or removal of other exhaust system components.

This modification is illegal under U.S. Federal law, and often local laws. It is also illegal in most other countries. 

Diesel emissions are closely monitored in many places, making DPF deletes risky and impractical, although emission monitoring does vary between different states, counties and cities.

Bottom line: Tampering with a diesel exhaust system is almost always illegal and is almost always highly risky. The risks include huge fines, and worse. The risks far outweigh any potential rewards.

Benefits of DPF Deletes or DPF Removal

Many people are interested in DPF deletes because there are some perceived performance benefits from the modification.

  • Potentially increased fuel efficiency
  • Potentially less maintenance and repair costs
  • Potentially increased power
  • Eliminate the need for DPF cleaning

DPF deletes are often discussed in diesel forums and websites. Many “armchair experts” loudly support the practice of DPF deletes.

These discussions often have the same enthusiasm that one might give to a buddy who’s about to do something stupid. There is usually some element of “Do it, man!”. 

In reality, those guys usually haven’t done it, and won’t. Why? Many don’t have the mechanical expertise to do it, can’t afford it, or aren’t willing to pay huge fines or go to jail.

Bottom line: Those internet guys are usually talking out of their tail pipes. 

Risks and Downsides of DPF Delete or DPF Removal

There are a number of significant downsides to removing a DPF or altering a vehicle’s emission systems.

For most people, the expensive and dangerous downsides will dramatically outweigh any perceived benefit of DPF removal.

  • Expensive fines and even jail time
  • The modifications and products (tuners, etc.) are expensive
  • Potentially increased maintenance and repair costs
  • Some mechanics will not work on illegally modified vehicles
  • Inability to sell the vehicle or move to a different region
  • Danger of driving into another jurisdiction
  • Damage to vehicle engine
  • Potential loss of vehicle warranty coverage
  • Increased vehicle emissions
  • Increased particulate matter and other cancer-causing emissions

DPFs are important pieces of a complete diesel exhaust system, and are precisely integrated into the greater engine and exhaust systems. 

Removal of a DPF can alter the function and performance of the engine and cause unintended consequences.

For example, removal of a DPF also affects an engine’s EGR system, which can help an engine heat up and reach operating temperature faster. This is a desirable feature for many reasons.

Final Thoughts

Owners should know that “DPF deletes” are illegal. 

There used to be a number of DPF Delete Shops near me but many have been shut down, with expensive and crippling fines to their owners, company and some customers and individuals.

We have never advised the practice of DPF deletes, and we certainly don’t advise it now.